Voices From the Front


Directed by John Goddard

In 2015, 100 years since the Gallipoli campaign, PLT will be joining with the Porirua City Brass Band to produce ‘Voices from The Front’ a tribute to the extraordinary courage of those who gave their lives in New Zealand’s Gallipoli campaign.

The show will be performed at the ‘Pop up’ theatre, 4 Lydney Place, in Porirua.

This is a thought provoking tale of camaraderie, tragedy, heroism, heartbreak and the cheeky humour of the humble New Zealand soldier. Beginning with the announcement of war on the steps of Parliament, to training in Egypt and moving on to the trenches of Gallipoli and to the final evacuation. Featuring popular songs from the time ‘Voices from The Front’ is about courage, and endurance, duty, and love of country, mateship, good humour, the loss of innocence, survival and decency in the face of dreadful odds. The show has an ensemble cast with a large chorus and plenty of character parts. This will be the main event for Porirua’s commemorations of 100 years since the Gallipoli campaign.

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