Proms in Hastings

Each year a few of us Porirua lot travel by convoy up to Hastings in an effort to help out their band with their ‘Afternoon at the Proms’ concert.

Unlike our own Proms concerts the band play from start to finish which as a huge ask for such a small band, hence why our own players join in and help them along.

The weekend itself started with a leisurely drive up to Hastings, to arrive for a full rehearsal at 2:30. The rehearsal was a quick once through everything, only going back to fix a few little things here and there.

After the rehearsal the evening then kicked off with a lovely meal at a beachfront restaurant in Napier, where Porirua members were joined by a few members of Hastings band. Cheryl Godwin was among those there and it was great to catch up with her (she misses us really, but who can blame her). Then we headed back to Raewyns for a ‘SingStar’ tournament. I feel ashamed to say that I was, by far, the best.

Sunday morning, feeling a little weary, we made our way down to the theatre for another quick run through before having a break for lunch. After lunch it was time to dress in our glad rags and perform the show. The concert itself ran pretty smoothly, a few light popular numbers here and there.

Once the show was done, and we had said our farewells, it was back in the car for the trip back home.

All in all a good weekend away for music making and catching up with the Hastings lot.

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