WDBBA – Youth Camp 'El Rancho', Waikanae

I’ve been to 4 band camps so far and this one was just as enjoyable.
Most of my band camps have been in “El Rancho”, the camp there is pretty mint. They have slides and mini golf. They have many leisure activities to have fun with when you are not practicing your instrument.

Band camps start on a Friday night, usually on the first night we just run through the pieces to know what they sound like. This year we played a few hymn pieces, a march called “Jack-o-Lantern”, the “James Bond Theme” and an ‘A’ grade test piece from some time in the nineteen seventies which we never got around to perfecting in time for the performance.

We were supposed to get a good night sleep for the long day of practicing we had ahead, but we managed to stay up playing pool until 1 in the morning. Then we realised that we had to get some sleep for tomorrow so we went to bed. Then while I was peacefully sleeping at 5:30 in the morning I heard the blast of a flugel horn right outside our cabin. It was so irritating; I got no more sleep for that whole morning. And I was a grumpy boy that day.

We had our morning rehearsal and then came lunch, yay! After that we went down their awesome slide, and as me being the biggest I went the furthest at the end. I went so far that I scratched my back on the plastic at the end, ouch!

Then came the battle of the bands where we split into 2 bands and had a playoff. As both bands had to play the same songs we had to work hard on our dynamics. Eventually it came down to my awesome compeering which helped our team win.

I got more sleep this night but there was a battle between us and some other group at the camp. The next day we had our performance in front of parents and such. But we pulled off a good show in the end and went home keen for next year’s camp.

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