Brass in Time – 19 April 2008

April 19th saw the band perform their ‘Brass In Time’ concert out at the Hosanna Fellowship in Porirua. Another great concert featuring soloists throughout the band, Brent Garrett performing ‘Blue John’, Nick Garrett with ‘Buster Strikes Back’, Clynton Payne with ‘Concert Etude’, Kelvin Paris with ‘Benedictus’ and Jan Krimp with ‘Ave Maria’. This concert also featured it’s Musical Director Kerry Garrett performing again after a few years out of the playing arena, his performance of ‘Laura’ was certainly one to remember.

A couple of huge thankyous go to two of brass bandings famous ‘Kevins’, Kevin Moseley stepped in to help out the Solo Cornet ranks with only a week notice and fitted in quite well (Nick Garrett was overheard saying that he only heard a couple of bum notes from Kev’s direction). And also our fabulous compere Kevin Jarrett. Having a wealth of experience and knowledge within Brass Banding and music in general certainly helped the audience understand the background to a lot of the pieces perfromed.
For this concert Kerry decided to perform this years B Grade Test Selection ‘ Renaissance’ by Peter Graham, and with little rehearsal of the piece the band played exceedingly well. The performance was a great display of how quick the band can come up to scratch in so short a time, we just need to put a little ‘polish’ in some places before taking it to Christchurch.

The band also performed two hymns at this concert, ‘Deep Harmony’ and their choice for the National contest ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’, both of these hymns were played beautifully and showed the band’s capability to play softly yet melodically together.

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