National Brass Band Championships – Christchurch

The contest is over for another year and the band has done extremely well, both collectively and with individual results. Our results will be  available on the History page for perusal at any time, or if you prefer to see everybodys results then follow the link below to the 2008 National Contest Results. 2008 National Contest Results A huge thanks to all those that sent their best wishes with us down to Christchurch, also those that came down to support us all (when they weren’t out shopping) and to our awesome accompanists: Shona Murray and Margaret Dawson. And another big pat on the back to our Contest Manager Bill Platt, without whom we wouldn’t have made it down to Christchurch … or back for that matter. If you missed us completely and would like to see the ‘LIVE’ performances by the band then pop on over to ‘The Music Page’ where you can view recordings made at this year’s National Brass Band Championships in Christchurch. Have a read of the following article written by Mel Jones: Nationals – A view from the Back Or this lovely little limerick submitted by Edrick Child (member of the Back Rank)

Armagh Street, Christchurch, 11/7/08, 1.57pm
A crisis he’d failed to rehearse
Provoked the Drum Major to curse
But we did him proud
Dumfounding the crowd
When ordered to march in reverse.

This may need a little explanation for those that were not witness to this spectacular moment … but we might just keep you guessing! After all, ‘What goes on tour, stays on tour’ More reports on ‘the week that was’ will be available for reading at your leisure once they have been written by various band members. Right now though, we’re all catching up on some much needed sleep !!

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